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Here you will find information on the services I provide to our traveling clients. Everyone does their best to take great shots while traveling on vacation. Do they always turn out great? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but usually they could always be a bit better in one way or another. As a professional photographer I can help you fix many of the common faults that happen mostly because of being hurried when taking a picture or not having a clear understanding of the basics.

Whatever the reason let me improve your photographic record of the great time you had and the fascinating places you visited. Follow the simple instructions and in no time you will have a complete set of memorable photographs to share with friends, hang in your home or office or just simply sit and enjoy recalling your great time.


Items normally able to be corrected:

Subject centered ( Cropping)


Color correction





Facial flaws

The one mistake that can not be corrected is focus. A subject that was moving or the camera holder is not holding still the shot will not be in focus and that can not be corrected after the fact. Try to hold still while shooting a photo and event hold your breath while you epress the shutter button. Sometimes leaning against a solid object like a wall can help.


How to submit photos for services


Simply send your SD Cards by registered mail of fed ex to

Al Hague

1228 E Country Crossing Way

San Tan Valley, AZ 85143


Process is: I will download your photos to my IMAC for editing leaving your originals on your

SD Card for return to you.



Sign on to and register

Follow instructions to upload photo files from your computer

Send link to 

Upon notification your gallery is ready log into to view your gallery and order prints or any of the 400+ products using your photographs.

Any issues call al at 509-927-7888


Alternative method: if you are comfortable sending me your digital disc from your camera I will download copies and leave the original on your disk and return to you. I will then download to the website and create your gallery.


My fee is based on the number of photos submitted: Editing fee is first 100 files  $85.00  each additional 100 or fraction is $75.00 over 500 negotiable after reviewing the submission. Typically approximately 20% will be edited allowing for duplicates and similiar type and angles of same subject.



I also provide to clients for Travel 4 All Seasons a 15% discount coupon for print and product purchases on this website.

 Number of pages  up to 100. Can publish up to 400 pages which requires a special quote


Soft Cover Coffee Table book     $375.00

Hard cover w dust jacket and photo    $575.00

Leather bound 12x12     $695.00

Shipping,handling and insurance   $ 35.00

Allow two weeks from receipt of SD Cards

VISA, MC, Am EX, Check prepaid

Call anytime with questions

Photography tips:

Use the best digital camera that fits your budget. The point and shoot models are fine if they offer a removable disk that holds the photos. If you have this kind you can carry spare disks and not spend time going through them all and deleting the bad ones to have space to take more. Nikon, Cannon, Sony are all good cameras and to make it easy for you they all have auto settings that determine the shutter speed and and aperture opening required based on light detected. Most also have auto flash to help when necessary.

Things to focus on are  first and foremost focus...Thats not something that can be changed after. Most cameras have autofocus but the operator has to give the camera the command to do just that. Holding the camera very steady especially in low light is paramount. Try leaning against a building or post or something stationary if you feel you need to. 

Try to keep your main subject centered when ever possible unless you are trying to include a secondary subject.

Whenever possible (always) keep your light source behind you especially the sun. You can also improve your shots shooting from the shade to the sunlight expecially for landscape shots.


When taking pictures of people try to not cut off their heads and or feet. Back up if you need to do that to get the whole person. Be aware of the limits of your viewfinder.

When you buy a camera be sure to read the manual. Knowing your equipment will give you the best chance for good results.