Decorating with Photogrphy


Are you looking for an inexpensive way to give your home or office some glamour or perhaps tell visitors something about your interests or your taste. Hanging quality photographs can work miracles with a room or space inexpensively. First, find a photo you like and decide on the appropriate size for the space you have. It should be large enough to catch the eye but not dominate the space.

Using multiple photographs to tell a story about what you like works well. For example if you have a fondness for travel pick some photos of locations that interest you or perhaps you have visited. If you have a hobby and would like to create a theme in your office then mix and match.

Color and such is not as important as content. It should draw the eye and make the observer curious as to where and what. Use your imagination as to how you want them on the wall. The frames can compliment your decor or the photo. You decide.

Custom framing can be expensive so try to have photos that will fit in standard frame sizes. Use of mats can make a smaller photo look larger than it is but if the photo is of value border to border then be careful with matting. It is a personal choice just like whats in the photograph. 

Here on my website you should find a large variety of different types of photographs and all are available for download or print purchase. if you see a special favorite look in the other products and you will find you can even have the photos you like put on to many different products like clothing and many other items.


I am always available for consultation on what to do with specific photos for your decorating need at no cost to my clients.

Have fun and put some zip in your surroundings.

Best regards,