Hi everyone,

This blog is a new venture for me and I will be letting you know where and what I am doing within the Shooting world. I hope you can make a visit once oin a while and I would look for your comments as well.



A Chance Meeting...sort of

February 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Today I had a conversation with a gentleman I have never met except on the internet and through our initial conversations I began to feel this conversation might have a very special meaning and would be a portent of exciting, interesting and challenging things to come. His tone was of infectious exhuberance and passion for his craft and since we share a love of the same craft, that of putting our thoughts to words and for me as well into pictures, hopefully our futures are destined to be entwined at some level. As our conversation progressed we discovered we had much in common. similiar experiences, pastimes and even collegues. He was most complimentary of my work and sadly my not knowing much about his, I was unable to return the compliments. Even though we are separated by some long distance our commonality of purpose may in fact bring us together for a project in the very near future, at least that is my hope. I look forward to working with this man, whose name I will withhold for fear of embarassing him, since I believe I can learn from him and at the same time share my meager experiences and talents such as they are with him. Today was one of those good days, not because I had any specific success or accomplishment but more importantly because today I was given the gift of insight and good feeling for future times. Those feelings that you  can not nail down but nevertheless give you a burst of energy and even youthfulness. Without a crystal ball I can not see into the future but thanks to this gentleman i am excited about it for one more reason. 

Day after tomorrow (wed Feb 20, 2013)I head to Tucson AZ to cover the Spring Grand American Trap Shoot for TrapshootingUSA Magazine. I will spend four days gathering the details of the competition as well as the human side of the events. I will also review the new short rib model Perazzi, interview a vendor for a story and profile a well known trapshooter. It will be a very busy four days and somewhere in the middle of all of this I will even shoot a couple of events just to prove the point that unless you practice you should limit your expectations. 

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Back from SHOT

January 24, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hi all,

Back from my 11th SHOT show and it was as always five exhausting days. It is still amazing how many companies are dedicated to the outdoors and shooting in general. All the usual big companies were on display as well as so many smaller ones. It was good to see all my connections and friends. It was especially nice to see Louise and Irlene Mandrell again. They are very special ladies and good friends. Stayed at the Planet hollywood with associate from the office John Imboden, Advertising manager for Trap and ClayshootingUSA magazines. The hotel was better than others in previous years so no complaints, with the exception of the noise level even at breakfast. Weather was unusually cold especially Monday for Media Day at the range. Was somewhere around twenty degrees plus wind chill so no one was comfortable and most left earlier than past years. Spent a lot of the time looking for new products to write about and that was difficult as there just weren't many at all. Took about 300 photos many of which will be sent to our publisher along with the story. 

Effective with the March issue I will now have a column in a the Western Shooting Journal available on newstands and by subscription. My first column will be about the resurrection or the National Bird Dog Challenge events which will take place in Snohomish WA in May. Afetr that the subjects will be centered around shotgun sports in general. 

I leave next week to head to Salt Lake City to do a story on Butler Arms followed by my trip to Houston and then to Tucson for the Spring Grand at Tucson Trap and Skeet Club.

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Planning is not always a breeze

January 05, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Planning my next trip requires less this time as my hotel was arranged by the officse and I won't need a car in Vegas for the SHOT show. However I still had to buy the airline tickets and thats always a challenge in one way or another. Last week I looked at Southwest and got a price for $357.00 RT  from Spokane. Today I went back to make the reservation and got a price of 269.00. Well, in the last five years of flying exclusively Southwest this is the first time the price went DOWN. Not sure what caused it but its great and the best part I was able to get a non stop flight both ways and that was also a first. I fly only Southwest as their schedules and destinations for the most part are ideal for the assignments I get regularly. I do like the bording procedures as well and as an A List flyer I am usually able to get an exit row for the added room. I am going to Vegas a day early to attend the Media day at the range hoping to find something new to share with our readers. As everyone knows the shooting sports climate is very testy these days due to the tragedy in CT which was certainly horrific. As a father I just can not imagine what those parents and families are going through. 

While I look forward to the show I must admit to not being a fan of Las Vegas. Vegas is a city that just beats you up. Everyone has their hand out and its a jaded and cold place. The good news is i will see manyfriends and business associates at the show and thats always good. Getting around the city is at best a nightmare unless you like being overcharged by taxis or waiting in line for the shuttle buses. Like everything we do there are positives and negatives so no point in complaining. My job is to get the story of the show and see our faithful and quality advertisers and then come home and write the story. Looking forward also to seeing the new Sporting Clays range at the Clark County Shooting Complex and getting the tour from Steve Carmichael and Mike Reese. 

See you again soon


New Year

December 31, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Well it is a new year and my first assignment is to cover and review the SHOT Show in Las Vegas January 14-18. Its an amazing and exhausting show that has virtually everything available for the shooting and outdoor sports world. For most companies it is an expensive venture but well worth the time and expense to show their old and new customers their wares. I will be attending the Media Day at the County Range and then each day at the show as well as attending the Grand opening of the new Sporting Clays Range at the Clark County Shooting Complex as a guest of Steve Carmichael and Mike Reese. It is a state of the art new course and should be very interesting. In February I head back to Tucson to attend and cover the first learge event fot zTrapshooting the Spring Grand American which attracts more than a thousand shooters form all over the country and Canada. I will be posting news from Las Vegas so come back to visit then.


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