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Clearly if you are here you are in need of a photographer and are trying to decide who best to give you what you need and most likely at a price that fits your budget. Today although many pros wont admit it cost of photography in ther digital age has dropped significantly with the advent of editing software, virtually no more film and developing costs and speed of course is a money saver.

I offer a professional quality work at reasonable prices as compared to many others. I will provide detailed quotes and I am extremely reliable. I am always on time and my follow up is a priority with me. Ok, thats enough of patting myself on the back but it is important for you to know what to expect. Please take some time to visit the section that pertains to what you are planning whether it is a wedding of your dreams, a family portrait, or a professional headshot for acting or modeling and view samples of my work. 

Easy Ordering from Al Hague Photography's Website
When you find a photograph you like, this website makes it easy for you to order in nearly any size and in various formats including canvasses, wall hangings, t-shirts or even sweat shirts and papers that best suit your needs. You can even crop the image to your liking online and get the print of your choice the way you specifically want it. Simply read the instructions carefully and follow the directions and you will find the website very easy to navigate.

Another great option this website offers is that you can download a photo which gives you the ability to have it meet your individual needs. To do so, you would simply go to the same price section as you would to order, then choose the download option based on the licensing needed. Commercial users will want to contact Al Hague directly through the Contact Us form on this website to discuss group pricing for commercial use. You'll find that we keep everything affordable which ensures that you are getting a great value by ordering our photographs for your home or office. If you have a special need we invite you contact Al to find out how he can accommodate it. And when it comes to shipping your photographs you can select the shipping that's most convenient for you.

Al Hague's Commercial Experience
Al Hague has years of experience on the commercial side of photography having had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of companies providing photography for advertising and websites as well as writing, directing and producing commercials for television and websites.

Al is available to bring his experience to commercial projects on a regular basis. You'll find Al Hague's fees to be very reasonable and negotiable depending on your commercial project. Please take a moment to visit the Commercial page of this website for samples of previous work.

Al Hague Canvasses, Wall Hangings and Wearable Artwork
You may also order all sorts of other products such as canvasses, wall hangings and even t-shirts and sweatshirts with your favorite photo. We invite you to look through all of the 352 products that are available

We invite you to look through all of the 352 products that are available and we're confident that you will find the perfect gift for that person you thuoght had everything as you find a lot of great gift ideas. We invite you to put Al Hague Photography to work for you at your home, office, clothing items or a variety of other creative ideas.

If you should have any special interests please feel free to contact me anytime. Please go to contacts and reach out to me.

My very best regards,
Al Hague